• Thomas Andresen

The uncovering of illusion

Never before in my lifetime I noticed such an opening of the field we're all living in. Because right now it's the time, where illusion becomes uncovered. Neither was anything ever secure, nor did we ever had anything under control - that's now becoming obvious. The only true laws needn't to be invented by humankind, they are given by nature. And be sure - nature find's its way to recreate itself. This time its creation was named SARS-CoV-2. And all of a sudden, things become possible, no one would have imagined weeks ago. Asia has begun with slowing down. Step by step many other (mainly industrial) countries are forced to do the same. People stay more at home. The permanent rush we have created, transforms into more stillness. All stockmarkets are in freefall mode. Maybe that's the path which nature prepares for us into a new era. The way into depth. The way of dropping. Like a drop of water, falling back to where he belongs.

All my love and empathy, all my wishes and prayers are with everyone: With everybody who is actually suffering or still living in memory of suffering. On the surface, life will never be without suffering. But without neglecting the facet of suffering, we have the freedom, to choose the perspective. We can focus the dark and mighty shadows in front, which are reaching out for us. We can be anxious about the near future, be scared about the next step. From the depth of my heart, I wish you to make (at least from time to time) the effort, to zoom out and see how aurora is coloring the horizon already. And there are more signs: The already mentioned arising stillness, the fact of people more staying in their homes (and hopefully also more in their hearts), the significant reduction of air pollution in China,.... And finally, the fact that all automatisms no longer work, because evrything is questioned.

The challenge of this period of transformation is to not let us be distracted by all the news our ego-minds like to abuse. Let's make it like many airlines have done so with a lot of planes: Let's ground ourselves. Let us be full of confidence and trust to allow a letting go and let's drop into the pureness of the essence of our core.

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